Mark Wagemaker, LPC, NCC, DCC, CPCS

Mark Wagemaker LPC NCC DCC CPCS.jpeg
Mark Wagemaker LPC NCC DCC CPCS.jpeg

Trauma is our primary focus. I have been trained in a number of trauma treatment methods, but work with Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). ART is a relatively new evidence based treatment for PTSD, Trauma, complex grief, long term stress, and other complex issues, such as, Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) that may be impacting us in the present with depression, anxiety and other issues.

The ART process is very effective at removing the pain that trauma often causes and does so without having to share you whole story out loud, minimizing the possibility of re-traumatizing the client. ART helps you remove the pain that past trauma can often in the present, years later. We say, ” you will remember the facts but the mental pain of it will be gone!