You may feel challenged sometimes to come up with new ideas on how best to get the word out about your services. As a private practice, you might even feel limited by budget and industry standards for advertising. Today we’ll help shed some light on some of those free marketing efforts that you could be leveraging to help increase exposure and generate more leads.


Stay in touch with your community support efforts by joining networking groups, volunteer organizations, or affiliates in your area. You can also learn valuable insights from other business owners and promote your practice as a productive contributor in the area. With more local exposure, you’ll be sure to secure new patients and identify potential lead sources.

Social Media

Social media offers a great platform for both free and paid marketing efforts. If you’re not ready to design an ad campaign or lead funnel, consider leveraging the free side of social. Contribute regularly with general tips and suggestions. Post engaging content about your field of expertise. Share images of your warm and inviting office space. Be purposeful and frequent with your engagement efforts and use the analysis functions to track and manage your views, click-throughs, and traffic.


Consider implementing a referral program. Identify your best partners in the field or favorite patients and let them know you’re interested in referral patients. You can also offer incentives, like a free hour of service or office swag. Don’t assume your network and patient base knows you’re open to new patients. Communicate regularly via emails, newsletters, and conversations that you welcome the referrals.


Take advantage of your best success stories and use them to build trust with your marketing efforts. You don’t necessarily want to identify the patient by name, but you can use generic first names or quote brief phrases to demonstrate your ability to help. Use testimonials on your website, your social media platforms, and any newsletters or correspondence. Testimonials are often the best stories, and some of the most influential marketing results come from storytelling. If you have the budget to invest in advertising and marketing efforts, obviously you will increase your traffic. However, knowing how to take advantage of those marketing resources available to you is just smart business. For more information and tips on how to grow your private practice, subscribe to our newsletter!